April 16, 2018

Solutions for GDPR Compliance

Cord3’s solutions for GDPR compliance automatically protect Exchange databases and unstructured files from unauthorized access.

The solutions work totally transparently so users do not have to change any of their normal work routines. No extra logins. No extra smart cards or keys for users (or administrators!) to manage. Users just hit Send or Save, as they always would anyway, and Cord3’s solutions automatically encrypt messages and files so they are GDPR compliant and protected from unauthorized access by either rogue privileged administrators or external hackers.

Cord3 uses standard symmetric encryption algorithms and does not use public-key cryptography for automatically and transparently encrypting e-mails and files at rest. With Cord3’s innovative approach, your data is safe for the long-term, including when quantum computers are built with capacity to easily break keys for current, widely used public-key cryptography algorithms.

Learn more about Cord3’s Exchange database solution for GDPR compliance and Cord3’s unstructured file solution for GDPR compliance.