August 10, 2017


Want to catch some of the biggest trends in software, the Internet, business, and the world? Come join Cord3 because what we are doing is connected tightly to the biggest issues facing businesses and governments globally:

• the Cloud – businesses want to move to the Cloud to increase agility and decrease costs, but one thing is holding them back – information security. Cord3’s solutions can enable use of the Cloud (and internal networks, too) like never before!

• Privacy regulations – governments are putting strong regulations in place to protect the private information of their citizens. What is at the core of those regulations? Information security. Cord3 has the answers.

• Quantum computing – the potential impact of “quantum computing” on the Internet could be massive. Quantum computing has the potential to break the core security of the Internet as it exists now. Every serious business use of the Internet today depends on security … and the future of the Internet depends on smart people creating innovative solutions to deal with the threats to security posed by quantum computing. Cord3 is right there! Want to learn more about this issue? Click here.

If you are interested in joining an exciting company working on critical information security solutions for businesses and governments globally, Cord3 is the place for you. Use the Contact button below to send us your resume and cover letter … let’s get started!