May 13, 2016


Who We Are

CORD3 Innovation Inc. was founded in 2013 and is the world leader in high assurance and multi-national collaborative information-centric security solutions for the Enterprise, including Cloud and Mobility.

Leveraging 10 years of advanced military research, we serve a growing number of government and commercial clients in the Military, Border Protection, Police, Legal, Financial Services, Banking and Transportation sectors.

Our innovative solutions will work with your existing infrastructure and protect your sensitive structured and unstructured information (email, text, chat, databases) regardless of where it is stored or whether or not your security perimeter is compromised.

What We Do

CORD3 Innovation provides a security solution that works at the information asset level. Regardless of the type of information asset being requested (file, email, data base, web-content), a single unified security policy is used to determine if the information can be created by or released to the user.

The Cord3 Innovation technology separates and isolates the encryption key off the technology layer – making every information asset unusable to all prying eyes. Equally important, the solution leverages your existing perimeter security investments.

In essence, it eliminates the impact of cyber breaches.

Information Under Attack

Business and Government organizations are facing a constant and growing threat from cyber terrorism. To see just how wide-spread this threat is, have a look at the biggest data breaches from the last decade.

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