CORD3: Transparent, Policy-Driven Data-Centric Security

CORD3: Data-Centric Security

---- Innovation in Information Security ----
Protect Sensitive Information from Insider and External Threats

Cord3 delivers strong encryption completely transparently for users and applications. Using a policy-driven architecture, Cord3’s solutions encrypt and decrypt sensitive information. The solutions provide end-to-end security that is easy to use and easy to administer.

Unlike other approaches, Cord3’s solutions secure information assets by encrypting them at rest. Only authorized users can access secure assets. And since only Cord3’s servers, which are under your control, have the keys to decrypt information, even IT administrators cannot get access to sensitive information unless the organization’s policy allows them.


A fresh approach ...


Want to take advantage of the Cloud but concerned about security? Cord3 encrypts information with keys that only you control. Information is encrypted in your network and then stored in the Cloud.


Worried about compliance with information privacy regulations like GDPR? You should be. Cord3 protects information easily and transparently to keep you compliant with increasing privacy regulations.

Quantum Computing

Feeling helpless about the projected negative impact of quantum computing on public-key cryptography? Cord3 only uses strong, 256-bit AES symmetric encryption, so your information is safe for the future.

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